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Our Bands

"Eight Past Midnight"

"Seven 'Til Sunrise"

Both Bands Formally Known as "Soulplay"


The Entertainment you choose greatly determines the success of your party. "SoulPlay Arts & Entertainment" is dedicated to providing you with the entertainment that fits your event. It doesn't matter rather the request is for a "Trio Jazz Band" or a "10-Piece Party Band", we will cater to meet your expectations for the entertainment needed.


The display of unique, incredible talent, high energy, and superb class are just a few of the reasons our Bands have become one of the most sought-after bands for weddings, corporate events, social galas, and summer outdoor concerts.


No matter what time your event starts, our Bands will get the party going and never let up until the end. Bursting with youthful energy, this talented group of dedicated musicians transforms any room into one big party. From the classics of the 70s and 80s to today’s hit party songs, spanning R&B to rock to pop, jazz to beach music, they bring a powerhouse performance that will have your guests up and dancing all night or enchanted by sweet melodies during dinner or cocktail hour.


The infectious energy of our Party Bands is impossible to contain. The party knows no limits when they lead the charge. The party always becomes integrated. There is no longer a separation of the stage and the dance floor nor of the band and the audience as the singers mix with the audience and the guests hop on stage. Everyone tends to lose themselves in an explosive fun-filled moment. As time flies by, it becomes clear to everyone in the room that they are doing much more than simply watching a performance. They are participating in it.  Experiencing a time they will not soon forget.


Our Musicians and Vocalists have a perfect combination of characteristics…. experienced, veteran, youthful, and charismatic. They’re confident yet approachable, energetic yet professional, daring yet rock-solid. Their universal appeal to audiences of all ages is undeniable.

They are on point when it comes to the command of  great party songs, both classic and contemporary,


SoulPlay Arts & Entertainment takes your business as seriously as it does the performance of our musicians and vocalists. This agency's work ethic and professionalism set it apart from the others. We are not pleased until you (the client) are extremely satisfied. Our goal is to "Provide outstanding entertainment to assure that it becomes a memorable event." We have never fallen short of this goal. The after-show reviews prove that we live by our standards.


SoulPlay Arts & Entertainment is not a "One fit All" type of organization.  Each level of entertainment can be modified to consist of 3 - 10 stage members. Upon special request for corporate and gala events, clients can request a "Special Setup" or the "Standard Setup" (as seen in the promotional videos). "Specials Setups" are modified by adding or eliminating… horns (one to three-piece section), a Dee-Jay, or a vocalist (1 - 4 male or female vocalists).   Any “Special Setup” can add a little flair to your event, but our "Standard Setup" doesn't fall short of making your event even more unforgettable.


When it comes to finding the band that will make the fun seem to last forever, we are always on time.

Check out the reviews from our clients.

Request Your Band: "Eight Past Midnight" or "Seven 'til Sunrise"

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